Club Bass - Ignition - Black

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Club Bass - Ignition - Black  HI-CB-BK

The Ignition Club Bass for the authentic Höfner bass sound.

The Ignition (HI) series offers you the chance to own a piece of history even on a tight budget. This model has a fully hollow body combined with Höfner 70's style 'staple' pick-ups to give the authentic Höfner sound. It is of course fitted with the famous Höfner control panel, this has on/off for each pick-up, solo/rhythm switch and individual volume controls. 

Lightweight and with its short scale (30") neck it is a pleasure to play, even for hours without getting back-ache and fatigue. This high-gloss black version will look good in any band.

This bass comes at the perfect price point for players requiring the classic Höfner sound on a budget.

Instrument:Ignition Club Bass 
BodyShapeIgnition Club Bass
 Wood TopSpruce
 Wood BackFlame Maple
 Wood SidesFlame Maple
 Binding TopWhite
 Binding BackWhite
 Binding SidesWhite
 ConstructionOne Piece
 Headstock ShapeIgnition Violin/Club Bass 
 Logo and ArtworkScript
 Neck JointHofner Violin/Club Bass Set Neck
 Joint At16th Fret
 Thickness Neck + FB At 1st Fret21mm
 Thickness Neck + FB Near Heel22mm
 Heel Cap 
 Nut Width42mm
 Width At 12th Fret50mm
 Side DotsYes
 Number Of Frets22
 TypeHofner Fretted
HardwareTunersSingle Nickel 
 Tuner ButtonsPearl finish
 TailpieceTrapeze Nickel
 Nut MaterialPlastic
 PickguardPearloid plastic
 Pickup NeckHofner Ignition Staple Nickel
 Pickup Middle 
 Pickup BridgeHofner Ignition Staple Nickel
 Potentiometer KnobsBlack
 Approximate Weight Kg2,3
SetupAction Bass String at 12th Fret3mm
 Action Treble String at 12th Fret2mm
All Specifications subject to change 

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