Höfner Contemporary Violin Bass Schwarz
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  • Höfner Contemporary Violin Bass Schwarz
  • Höfner Contemporary Violin Bass Schwarz
  • Höfner Contemporary Violin Bass Schwarz
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Höfner Contemporary Violin Bass HCT-500/1-BK

Die zeitgenössische Version des Violin-Basses: der Sustainblock im Inneren des Korpus ermöglicht moderne, tief herunterreichende Bass-Sounds. Original Höfner 'Staple Top' Tonabnehmer.

Finish: Black

Wood Top: Spruce
Wood Back: Flame Maple
Wood Sides: Flame Maple
Centreblock: Spruce

Wood: Maple/Beech/Maple

Wood: Rosewood
Scale: 30"/76cm
Nut Width: 42mm
Number Of Frets: 22

Pickup Neck: Hofner Staple Nickel
Pickup Bridge: Hofner Staple Nickel

Höfner Contemporary Violin Bass HCT-500/1-SB

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Erfahrungen (1)
rating 5 (5 / 1 Erfahrungen)

Kevin (27-05-2015) rating 5 So Ton,

I am a couple of weeks into playing the hofner. I have to say she is great fun to play. Although originally I never was a huge fan of the violin style it is a perfect fit both body and neck size. I wish I had bought one of these much earlier.

Many thanks for all the help in making this possible. I really have appreciated all your help and service.

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