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  • Hofner 449
  • Hofner 449
  • Hofner 449
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  • Hofner 449

Te koop mooie Höfner 449

Deze mooie archtop gitaar is waarschijnlijk uit 1965.
Dit is af te leiden aan het 3D Hofner logo.
De gitaar verkeerd in een goede staat en is goed bespeelbaar.

Wat zegt Höfner over deze gitaar.

Hofner Model 449 Archtop.

Hofner's bottom of the range archtop, with a small 15" wide body. This guitar seems to have appeared rather hesitatingly sometime around 1957, but for some reason it was not given any space in the Hofner catalogues or price lists until 1963. Its Selmer-distributed brother was the Congress model, which Hofner has been supplying to the UK market since 1955. The 449 certainly out-lived the Congress though, being produced right up to 1983.

The body of the 449 was made from slightly-featured maple for the back and sides, with plain maple for the top. Binding was provided to the edges of the body top only. There was no option of a body cutaway, and 449's with workshop-fitted electrics are almost non-existent.

The neck is usually two-piece maple, with a fingerboard made from a similar timber to rosewood. Double/single marker dots were located at four fret positions up to c1970, when the more usual single dots at seven fret locations were used..

The main diference between the 449 and the Congress is that the 449 was always equipped with a simple trapeze tailpiece, and most Congress (from early 1957 onwards) had a "Compensator" type unit. The Congress also had a Selmer body label inside the body of course, inscribed with the model name and that all-important serial number.

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