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  • HCT-500/7-SB

    VERYTHIN BASS HCT-500/7-SBHCT-500/7 Verythin Bass in sunburst.

    Inspired by the original Hofner Verithin bass from the 1960s the new Hofner Contemporary version of the Verythin Bass offers you an archtop bass with vintage look and…

    € 820,00 € 739,00
  • Verythin CT Long Scale Bass
    Verythin CT Long Scale Bass

    VERYTHIN CT LONG SCALE BASS HCT-500/8-DCThe 500/8 long scale (34") version of the ever famous Höfner Verythin bass.

    This is the 500/8 long scale (34") version of the ever famous Höfner Verythin 500/7 short scale bass. Specially…

    € 820,00 € 739,00
  • Shorty Bass Guitar - CT Black
    Shorty Bass Guitar - CT Black

    SHORTY BASS GUITAR - CT HCT-SHB-BK-0Travel bass guitar in white finish.

    The Shorty bass offers 76cm (30") scale length (the same as the Violin and Club basses) combined with such small overall dimensions that it can be taken…

    € 215,00 € 179,00
  • Federal Bass Black
    Federal Bass Black

    FEDERAL BASS BLACK H500/15-BK-0 Handmade in Germany

    The Federal bass combines modern playability with the looks and coolness of 50s rock’n’roll. Created as a signature model for Budge Magraw of The Cesarians who wanted a…

    € 3.600,00 € 2.875,00
  • H500/18 Thinline Bass
    H500/18 Thinline Bass

    The Höfner 500/18 thinline hollow body bass. H500/18-SB-0

    Handmade in Germany

    The Höfner 500/18 bass is inspired by large hollow bodied slimline basses that Höfner produced in the 1950s and 1960s.

    The 17 inch slimline body,…

    € 2.995,00 € 2.449,00
  • H500/5 Reeperbahn Bass
    H500/5 Reeperbahn Bass

    Hofner H500/5 Reeperbahn Bass

    € 5.900,00 € 4.350,00
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